Artist Rivera found a passion for drawing at an early age and would frequently fine tune his skills in this medium as a young child. At that stage, no-one would have predicted the heights to which his artistic talents would later rise. He joined the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City at the age of 10 and was already starting to show promise - he would now start to receive the necessary training required to make the most of his potential.

The Influence of Europe on Diego Rivera

He would travel to Europe in 1907 and from this point onwards his artistic education would develop significantly. His time here was both to learn but also to create a career, both of which worked to a certain degree. It was only the changing political climate across the world that eventually persuaded him to return to his native Mexico.

The European art scene fully embraced the young Rivera, with his bold character enabling him to build friendships with several famous artists, including Pablo Picasso. He was later quoted discussing the genius of the Spaniard. Additionally he would also study artwork from other great names even if he was unable to meet them in person. These names include Matisse and Gauguin. Beyond France he would study the Renaissance frescoes of Italy and these introduced him to the concept of large-scale art, such as murals. Others artists known to have inspired Rivera in various ways include Paul Cézanne, Henri Rousseau and André Breton.