Flowers are a significant part of Mexican life and also provide an abundance of colour to artists. Rivera selects a huge bunch with tones of purple, pink and yellow here. A green hedgerow sits behind and provides a darker background than the vibrant colours in front. We see a strong woman coming to the aid of the flower carrier who is attempting to lift this heavy basket aloft.

Cargador de Flores, to give it it's original name, was completed by Diego Rivera in 1935. The basket is deliberately oversized in order to underline the message of this painting, namely the hardship experienced by the gentleman as he struggles to transport these valuable goods to market. We can see and appreciate the beauty of these flowers, whilst this peasant must struggle in the dirt just to make a living.

Several famous artists have made use of similar scenes all the way back to the Renaissance and beyond. Pieter Bruegel depicted Dutch peasants in a variety of settings just as others were more interested in becoming respected court painters right across Europe. Rivera also revisited this theme in other titles such as Nude with Calla Lilies, Flower Vendor and Flower Festival.